Have you ever looked at your home and wanted something to be different? (Who hasn’t?)

Maybe you want more space, easier access to the outdoors, or to make it easier for people to relax together.
Maybe you want entertaining to be easier.
Maybe you want more privacy, more sunlight or more storage.
Maybe you want to work in the kitchen, while talking to other people, without having them in your way.
Maybe you’re just not sure what you need, but you know you need something.
Maybe you dream of building your own house exactly suited to the way you want to live.

I specialize in solving problems like these. The solution may be as inexpensive as adding a porch or a deck. Or it might be more involved: renovating or adding a room; or designing a house from scratch.

I’ll begin with your ideas, desires, and dissatisfactions to design the space that fits your needs, dreams and budget. I am experienced in working closely with one or more clients; where I enjoy translating people’s needs into delightful and workable living and working space.

I am particularly intrigued by projects where the budget requires careful, thoughtful design, making the most of what is available. Modest budgets often don’t capture the attention of many architects. I might be able to help you use your existing space better, without adding space (adding space is almost always more expensive than making better use of what you already have).

My approach is practical, seeking to innovate with conventional materials and methods. I aim for careful, creative and efficient use of space; making more with less.